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MASSACRES #1, #2, HOUSES TORCHED 8.20,8.21, 2005

Victims, family members meet Aug. 25, 2005 picture by Tom Luce

  1. Soccer Massacre Aug. 20, Aug. 21, 2005 by Tom Luce
  2. August Update: Not a community lynching but a police/paramilitary massacre. by Tom Luce
  3. Brutal Police State by Tom Luce
  4. Sept. Updates: 1)9.25 Progress on Victims 2) 9.30 Lack of official support
  5. October:New Attacks, UN Troops Protect by Paul Reineke
  6. Gran Ravine Initiative on armed groups organizing for peace in Gran Ravin by Paul Reineke
  7. Sason Free! One of the "targets" of the police and Little Machete Army by Tom Luce
  8. Grand Ravine:The Territory:Oct. 05, by Tom Luce
  9. Investigation of the massacres, Nov. 05 translated by Tom Luce
  10. JEAN PAUL PERES FREES POLICE filed by Tom Luce
  11. Fax To PM Latortue:Keep Police In Country by Tom Luce


  1. New Massacre - July 7, 2006 by Tom Luce
  2. News Report = Video Clip on YouTube
  3. Slide Show of Burned Out Homes by Tom Luce
  4. Bruner Assassinated - Tom Luce

UPDATES: 07, 08, 09,10

Apr.09, Gran Ravine Community Human Rights Council meets to continue their advocacy with a new, visible office.


  1. New Office, Old wounds by Gaëlle Celestin
  2. Report on peace negotiations with men threatening death to CHRC - Feb. 09
  3. The Face of Trust In Non-Violent Justice: Idalia Francois
  4. AUMOHD Finishes documenting massacres
    and houseburnings in Gran Ravin
  5. Wrenching Drudgery of Documenting Gran Ravine Victims by Tom Luce 3.17.08
  6. Prime Minister comes to GR's Aid and others 3.5.08